floor sanding & refinishing

With nearly 30 years of experience, the Sandman & crew have mastered the craft of transforming hardwood floors. They can take old, worn surfaces and restore them better than you can imagine - they're even 99% dust free! So whether you need your surface revived, or looking to free your floors from the carpet that has covered their true beauty - the Sandman will help you find the most effective & economical way to do so.


hardwood installs

If you're considering switching to hardwood floors, there is a list of reasons that support your decision: easy to clean, allergen friendly, long-lasting, adds value to your home - not to mention the beauty and warmth of hardwood, and...they can be restored to like new even after 20-30 years of use. Sandman would love to help you find the best wood floor for your home. Contact us today so we can find you the perfect floor and get it installed the right way!



Things happen - and unfortunatley, floors get damaged from neglect or abuse. Through the years, we have seen a wide variety of troubled floors and spots. And at Sandman, we strive to not only repair the issue, but to make it seem as though the issue never existed in the first place. That means we go to extra lengths to make the floor or the problemed area match the pre-existing wood. If it's aged wood, we will go and find its mate so that your newly restored floor will live happily ever after - and no one will be able to notice where the old floor ends and the new one begins.


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